About Excellent Way Academy

Welcome to Excellent Way Academy

Excellent Way Academy is a 21st Century school found on godly principles. Excellent Way is dedicated to providing quality education programme that develops a total child to discover, develop and deploy their unique gifts and talent to proffer solutions to problems around them thereby preparing them for future relevance.
Each child is nurtured in love in a serene but exciting environment using a friendly but intense teaching approach that encourages each child to work at his/her pace in pursuit of excellence
Our curriculum and programs are rich and are designed to balance teaching with godly character, creativity and problem solving ideas that will equip and prepare learners as future solution providers in a challenging and fast changing world in which we live.
Our teachers are qualified professionals who are committed to providing high quality education that takes into consideration the uniqueness of each child, while nurturing each child towards achieving maximum potentials
Our team of educators work together in the pursuit excellence for all
At Excellent Way, we aim at providing stimulating, exciting, comfortable and safe environment most conducive for learning.
Excellent Way Academy upholds the principles of diligence, productivity and mutual respect while encouraging our students to achieve personal success by taking personal Responsibility and move with confidence into a world of unlimited possibilities.
Parental involvement is a key success factor in any child's education. At EWA, we value partnership with our parents for necessary feedbacks to understand how to work in the best interest of our learners.
Our technology is top notch that offers our students competitive learning experiences comparable to what is obtainable in best schools.
Partner with Excellent Way today. Let us together lay a solid foundation for your child's Excellent tomorrow.